The Many Lines of Vain : The Blog Introduction

The Many Lines of Vain : The Blog Introduction

Posted by Misey- Owner of Vain Thread Lines on Nov 22nd 2019

The Many Lines of Vain

Who are We?

Vain Thread Lines is an women’s clothing store, and home décor business, that has an amazing team of designers and stylists that are focused on infusing lives with the dramatic power of fashion and appealing interiors.

Vain Thread Lines is very unique in its own way. It is truly a shopping experience. From the moment you pull up in the parking, we want to intrude your 5 senses by ensuring that you are seeing beautiful décor, plants and clothing. Once you walk through the door, we want to heighten your sense of smell with the amour of our vary of luxury home fragrances. As you are shopping, we want you to feel quality fabrics and different textures of clothing all while enjoying the sounds of beautiful jazzy music playing throughout the store. And of course, we always have complimentary drinks and amazing treats for you to work those taste buds. We also offer free, that right free alterations if the item is purchased from Vain and that is truly a service our customers love.

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Misey, one of the driving forces behind Vain Thread Lines, a business that was erected with the passion of elaborate silhouettes and designs and creating warm and comfortable living spaces. For the past five years, I have been operating my store in Houston, Texas, and enjoying the rewarding pleasures of adding beauty and charm to the lives of many customers along side my amazing business partner, Jody. I will be your blogger for Vain so I hope you enjoy it. Lol!

Vain Shoetique

When Vain first open its doors, we were known as Vain Shoetique. In less than a year, the name was changed to Vain Thread Lines. We strongly believe that a woman simply cannot have enough pairs of shoes, and our collection is just what you need to feast upon your guilty pleasures. Whether you have a passion for sleek and glamorous stilettos, or you are looking for comfortable mules to navigate the streets. Our collections are curated to offer a little something for every shoe lover!

Vain Thread Lines

Over the course of our five plus year history, Vain Thread Lines has enjoyed immense success as the community of Houston’s fashion lovers and visitors have embraced us with arms wide open. Jody and I channeled our passion for fashion and beauty by providing shopaholics with an abundance of variety. Our collections are brimming with the latest runway trends including clothing, handbags, footwear, jewelry, perfumes and much more. All while offering the service of quality Custom dress making and alterations.

Vain Home

More recently, we branched into the fabulous field of home décor and furnishings, which has allowed us to channel another passion; home improvement and interior decorations. We provide our customers with an exciting variety of home fragrances, décor items, and much more. Our collections at Vain Home are handpicked and exquisitely curated to provide an abundance of attractive offerings to beautify your living spaces.

As an entrepreneur who is constantly on the lookout for inspiration and avenues for creativity, I seek to continue to transform my clothing and home improvement brand into a thriving community of fashion lovers and admirers of beauty.

With this blog, we seek to infuse our audience with inspiration and information that would help them stay abreast with the latest fashion trends, learn incredible fashion hacks, and inspire themselves with a plethora of home décor inspirations and luxury fragrances.

We invite y’all to be a part of our incredible journey of fashion, glamour and fancy housekeeping. We simply cannot wait to flood your feed with a plethora of fashion tips and tricks, home fragrance inspirations, and amazing advice for your home décor and interior design needs.

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