Posted by Misey- Owner of Vain Thread Lines on Mar 18th 2020

A Dress that Speaks Volumes about your Style

Needless to say, Prom Night is one of the most special events on a girl’s social calendar. It is a defining moment in our high school journey, and one of the most glamorous nights in a girl’s life. After the struggles and achievements of high school, it is a fashion statement that ought to make us dazzle and glam up.

Now, if you’re relying on store-bought and ready to wear designs, you’re making a terrible mistake. In fact, you are giving up on an exciting opportunity to channel your own personal sense of style and create a dress that embodies all that you cherish about fashion. Ladies, Prom Night is not a night to conform to typical beauty standards and pick out a dress from Bloomingdales.

Gone are the days of generic dress store-dress when we would hop over to Macy’s or Dillard’s to scoop up a dress for Prom Night. Second hand shops are also not going to help you find the dress of your dreams. This an important occasion towards your journey towards adulthood and it requires meticulous preparation and care.

A Dress that Embodies YOU!

Custom made dresses are the only way to create a glamorous statement that channels your personal sense of style. Prom Night is a night when you must allow your personality and personal fashion sense to shine bright and take center stage.

Whether you adore long trains, dramatic ball gowns, diamonds or bling, allow your dress to channel the styles that you prefer. Some girls adore gothic style dresses while others have a preference for mermaid trains and off-the-shoulder necklines. Store-bought and ready to wear dresses are so off-limits this season, as the focus is on looking unique in an exclusive statement.

Besides, there’s something so rewarding and cherishing about picking out your own fabric, experimenting with color palettes and embellishments. It allows you to create a statement that embodies your personality and your favorite trends. So, go all out in a statement that flatters your form and your mind.

Custom made dresses allow you to tailor the fit to flatter your curves and ravish the contours of your body. It is the ultimate secret to channel confidence because a tailor-made dress will not lead to any embarrassing hiccups, such as tight or loose seams. It will flatter your form perfectly.

Luckily, we have started taking orders for Prom Night 2020, and if you’d like to discuss your design, feel free to get in touch with our team.